Interoperability Supermacy

Building effective network-centric operations


An adaptable and Configurable Command and Cotrol suite for addresing our customers΄ mission critical requirements

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Who we are

Scytalys is a total solution provider enabling its customers to achieve Interoperability, create the Common Operational Picture, improve Situational Awareness and Domain Superiority, thus paving the way towards the realization of their Network Centric Warfare environment.
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Our Products

Re-shaping Interoperability and net-centric operations of the future

Since its foundation SCYTALYS has accrued a significant amount of experience in the development of turn-key solutions involving a range of systems that include Tactical Data Links and Interoperability solutions, Mission and Command & Control systems and Mission & ISR solutions., available today as off-the-shelf products.
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International Presence


With a successful track record of deployed systems worldwide, SCYTALYS has accumulated substantial experience and matured its technology, capabilities and products. This has enabled the company to become a total solution provider in the areas of its expertise, namely Tactical Data Links, Interoperability solutions and Command & Control systems

SCYTALYS is a part of EFA Group which consists of companies with a leading-edge position and more than 30 years of experience in

Aerospace, Defense, High-Technology and Security global markets.